Past Conferences

The first
IGEC was initiated in 2005 hosted by University of Waterloo, Canada, chaired by the green energy pioneer professor Xianguo Li. It was an immediate success and brought together more than 150 attendees with common interest in green energy.
Website: http://www.igec.uwaterloo.ca/igec-1/
It was followed by
IGEC-2, 2006, at the Institute of Technology Oshawa; University of Ontario, Canada by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dincer chaired the event.

2007, IGEC-3 moved to Sweden and was hosted by Malardalen University chaired by Prof. Jinyue Yan and Prof. Erik Dahlquist.
Website: http://www.igec.info/index.php

2008, IGEC-4 came to China for the first time. It was held in Beijing, chaired by Prof. Yongping Yang of North China Electric Power University.

The 5th Conference (
IGEC-5) returned to Canada, organized by the University of Waterloo in 2010, chaired by Professor Xianguo Li.
Website: www.igec.uwaterloo.ca

The 6th Conference (
IGEC-6) as hosted by Anadolu University in Turkey, chaired by Dr. Hikmet Karakoc in 2011. It achieved a record success, having 12 keynote speeches.
Website: http://igec6.anadolu.edu.tr/

The 7th International Green Energy Conference & The 1st DNL Conference on Clean Energy(
IGEC-DCCE), which was held in Dalian, China in 2012. The conference was organized by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy(DNL).
Website: http://igec2012.dicp.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/65560
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